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From ripples to spikes: A hydrodynamical mechanism to interpret femtosecond laser-induced self-assembled structures
Materials irradiated with multiple femtosecond laser pulses in sub-ablation conditions are observed to develop various types of self-assembled morphologies that range from nano-ripples to periodic
Dynamics of ripple formation on silicon surfaces by ultrashort laser pulses in subablation conditions
An investigation of ultrashort pulsed laser induced surface modification due to conditions that result in a superheated melted liquid layer and material evaporation are considered. To describe the
Making silicon hydrophobic: wettability control by two-lengthscale simultaneous patterning with femtosecond laser irradiation
We report on the wettability properties of silicon surfaces, simultaneously structured on the micrometre-scale and the nanometre-scale by femtosecond (fs) laser irradiation to render silicon
Improving the efficiency of organic photovoltaics by tuning the work function of graphene oxide hole transporting layers.
A facile, fast, non-destructive and roll-to-roll compatible photochemical method for simultaneous partial reduction and doping of graphene oxide (GO) films through ultraviolet laser irradiation in
Size-Tuning of WSe2 Flakes for High Efficiency Inverted Organic Solar Cells.
This is the highest ever reported PCE for 2D material-based OSCs, obtained thanks to the enhanced exciton generation and exciton dissociation at the WSe2-fullerene interface and also electron extraction to the back metal contact as a consequence of a balanced charge carriers mobility.