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The Pomegranate: A New Look at the Fruit of Paradise
The pomegranate has a deep association with the cultures of the Mediterranean region and Near East, where it is savored as a delicacy and is an important dietary component, revered in symbolism, and greatly appreciated for its medicinal properties. Expand
Characteristics and transferability of new apple EST-derived SSRs to other Rosaceae species
The findings suggest that transferability of apple EST–SSRs across Rosaceae is varied, yet valuable, thereby providing additional markers for comparative mapping and for carrying out evolutionary studies. Expand
The Fig: Botany, Horticulture, and Breeding
This chapter reviews the breeding and genetic variation of fig, and some genetic resources; horticultural methods for fig; postharvest physiology and handling; relevance to human health; and as aExpand
Genetic structure and differentiation in cultivated fig (Ficus carica L.)
Overall, the gene pool of cultivated fig analyzed possesses substantial genetic polymorphism but exhibits narrow differentiation, evident that fig accessions from Turkmenistan are somewhat genetically different from the rest of the Mediterranean and the Caucasus figs. Expand
Heat treatment eliminates 'Candidatus Liberibacter asiaticus' from infected citrus trees under controlled conditions.
Huanglongbing (HLB) is one of the most destructive diseases of citrus worldwide. The three known causal agents of HLB are species of α-proteobacteria: 'Candidatus Liberibacter asiaticus', 'Ca. L.Expand
Colonization of Citrus and Citrus- related Germplasm by Diaphorina citri (Hemiptera: Psyllidae)
Seeds of 87 Rutaceae seed- source genotypes, primarily in the orange subfamily Aurantioideae, were assessed in the field for their propensity in a free-choice situation for infestations of natural south Florida populations of D. citri and found partial resistance in P. trifoliata to D.citri could prove useful in future citrus breeding efforts aimed at reducing the incidence and spread of HLB. Expand
Emerging Fruit Crops
This chapter examines nine emerging crops chosen among hundreds of potential crops which are currently showing much promise as commercial crops, and four berry crops, namely, blue honeysuckle, elder, goji, and ‘ōhelo. Expand
Transcriptome Profiling of Huanglongbing (HLB) Tolerant and Susceptible Citrus Plants Reveals the Role of Basal Resistance in HLB Tolerance
This study used RNA-Seq to evaluate expression differences between two closely related cultivars after HLB infection and revealed that multiple pathways have been suppressed or activated in the HLB tolerant citrus trees, which lead to the activation of the basal resistance or immunity of citrus plants. Expand
GUS expression driven by constitutive and phloem-specific promoters in citrus hybrid US-802
Three promoters are tested that demonstrate phloem specificity when transformed and expressed in other plants: WDV, from wheat dwarf geminivirus; AtSUC2, the Sucrose-H+ symporter gene promoter from Arabidopsis; and CsSUS, the sucrose synthase promoter from citrus. Expand
Harvest Management of Marshall `McIntosh' Apples: Effects of AVG, NAA, Ethephon, and Summer Pruning on Preharvest Drop and Fruit Quality
The efficacy of AVG on delaying fruit maturation and reducing fruit drop of the Marshall 'McIntosh∑ strain was tested, and the effectiveness of ethephon sprays to induce color in AVG-treated fruit was investigated to assess fruit quality effects following ap- plication of low rates of e thephon. Expand