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The empty forest.
Much of Asia, Africa, and Latin America suffers from overhunting. Lambir Hills National Park in western Borneo, one of the most diverse forests in the world, is a key case study in how the forestExpand
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The Case of the Empty Hives
Honey bees worldwide are abandoning their hives, and scientists aren9t sure whether to blame pathogens, pesticides, or the artificial diets fed to the bees. It9s not even clear if the phenomenon isExpand
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Feared Quagga Mussel Turns Up in Western United States
Scientists are trying to assess the potential for ecological and economic damage after finding a relative of the infamous zebra mussel in the Colorado River. (Read more.)
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New Hints Into the Biological Basis of Autism
Pushed by parent advocates, scientists are unearthing intriguing clues about what causes autism. The evidence seems to point to problems with brain development before birth and through earlyExpand
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New crop pest takes Africa at lightning speed.
The fall armyworm ( Spodoptera frugiperda ) is marching across Africa and destroying maize fields with an astonishing speed, after arriving from the Western Hemisphere at least 16 months ago. TheExpand
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Deadly Wheat Fungus Threatens World's Breadbaskets
New mutations have put an old killer back on the map. As it spreads, breeders are racing to develop resistant plants. (Read more.)
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Nurseries May Have Shipped Sudden Oak Death Pathogen Nationwide
PLANT PATHOLOGYA funguslike pathogen that kills oak trees and has devastated forests in California now has plant pathologists scrambling to halt its spread outside the state.
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Plant Pathologists Gear Up for Battle With Dread Fungus
No soybean can resist a rust that has finally arrived in the United States, spurring a search for new varieties, predictive models, and monitoring techniques.
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Agriculture. Dread citrus disease turns up in California, Texas.
Citrus greening, for which there is no cure, turns fruit sour and kills trees within a few years. Transmitted by a tiny insect, the bacterial disease rapidly conquered Florida beginning in 2005,Expand
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Death of the stars.
This past summer, a mysterious disease began to spread among sea stars on the west coast of North America, reaching farther and striking more species than ever before. Something similar seems to beExpand
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