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A simple method of producing a monolayer of cervical cells for digital image processing.
A manual method of producing a monolayer of isolated and evenly distributed cervical epithelial cells has been developed for use in an automated digital image analysis system. The cervical scrapeExpand
Endocervical columnar cell atypia coincident with cervical neoplasia characterized by digital image analysis.
Measurements suggest that endocervical columnar cells may participate in the dysplastic progression toward CIS, especially in severe dysplasias or carcinomas in situ (CIS). Expand
An expanded cervical cell classification system validated by automated measurements.
The commonly used nomenclature for classifying cervical cells was expanded to include more classes, reflecting finer gradations of disease-related morphologic changes, indicating that it is possible to distinguish the finer morphologic gradations incorporated in the new system of cell classes. Expand