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On the fringe of society : archaeological and ethnoarchaeological perspectives on pastoral and agricultural societies
13 papers which focus on the interaction between all aspects of pastoralism and agriculture in the southern Levant, from the Bronze Age to the present. They make the point that agriculture,Expand
Teaching patients INs and OUTs.
When patients don't understand how to care for their chronic illness, frequent hospitalization results. One example is the patient who is admitted to a medical nursing unit in end stage renal diseaseExpand
Exploring the narrative : Jerusalem and Jordan in the Bronze and Iron Ages
JORDAN Meinders Dijkstra and Karel Vriezen 1. The Assyrian Province of Gilead and the 'Myth of the Empty Land' Eva Kaptijn, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium 2. The Late Bronze and Iron AgeExpand
Near Eastern Tribal Societies During the Nineteenth Century: Economy, Society and Politics Between Tent and Town
Introduction 1. What is a Tribe? 2. Travellers in the Levant in the Nineteenth Century 3. The Dynamics of Territorial and Power Structures 4. Oral Traditions 5. Tribal Society and its Relation to theExpand
The Central East Jordan Valley in the Late Bronze and early iron ages
The Deir ʿAlla region in the Central East Jordan Valley was relatively densely settled in the Late Bronze Age. Archaeological and other sources suggest that it connected western Palestine with theExpand
Aspects of Nomadism and Settlement in the Central Jordan Valley
Le 19e et le 20e siecles sont marques par un certain nombre de changements en Cisjordanie : les developpements internationaux ont profondemment influence la societe rurale et pastorale, modifiantExpand
Tribes and territories in transition : the central east Jordan valley in the late Bronze age and early Iron age : a study of the sources
This volume deals with the transition from the Late Bronze to the Early Iron Age in the central East Jordan Valley, the period of the fall of the Egyptian New Kingdom, and of the birth of a new era,Expand
Megiddo in the Early Bronze Age