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Particle Physics and Cosmology
This book is an introduction to particle physics and cosmology. It discusses the interaction of these two fundamental branches of physics, and considers recent advances beyond the standard models.Expand
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Analytic Functions and Distributions in Physics and Engineering
B W Roos Chichester: John Wiley 1969 pp xiv + 521 price £9 7s This book lies in the often neglected region between advanced mathematics and its application in engineering and physics, and willExpand
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Gravity, energy conservation, and parameter values in collapse models
We interpret the probability rule of the CSL collapse theory to mean to mean that the scalar field which causes collapse is the gravitational curvature scalar with two sources, the expectation valueExpand
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Dual resonance models
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Supersymmetry, Superfields and Supergravity: An Introduction
Prem P Srivastava 1986 Bristol: Adam Hilger ix + 162 pp price £25 (£12.50 paperback) (IOP members' prices £20 and £10, respectively) ISBN 0 85274 571 0 Hdbk, 0 85274 575 3 Pb Adam Hilger must beExpand
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How late measurements of quantum trajectories can fool a detector
Abstract We show how, in the Bohm model, the significance to be attached to the readings of a detector depends on the context in which it is used.
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On the violation of Lorentz-invariance in deterministic hidden-variable interpretations of quantum theory
Abstract It is shown that a very general class of deterministic hidden-variable interpretations of quantum theory must violate Lorentz-invariance.
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On an alleged “proof” of the quantum probability law
Abstract We endeavour to show that, contrary to many claims in the literature, it is not possible to deduce the quantum probability rule by considering many copies of a system and using the fact thatExpand
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The unique world of the Everett version of quantum theory
We ask whether the basic Everett assumption, that there are no changes of the wavefunction other than those given by the Schrödinger equation, is compatible with experience. We conclude that it is,Expand
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A quantum solution to a cosmological mystery
Abstract It is suggested that the quantum potential of the causal de Broglie-Bohm interpretation of quantum theory might cancel a large cosmological constant, and so explain the remarkably smallExpand
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