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An Analytical Model to Evaluate the Radiated Power Spectrum of a Multipactor Discharge in a Parallel-Plate Region
This paper is aimed at studying the electromagnetic radiation pattern of a multipactor discharge occurring in a parallel-plate waveguide. The proposed method is based on the Fourier expansion of theExpand
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Coupling matrix synthesis of dissipative microwave filters
This study reviews the coupling matrix synthesis of dissipative microwave filters and shows that by correctly interpreting the mathematical operations in the lossless case, that is especially the matrix product of vectors and matrices, the same procedure can be adopted for the case including losses. Expand
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Microwave Corona Breakdown Prediction in Arbitrarily-Shaped Waveguide Based Filters
This letter describes an efficient algorithm to predict the RF gas breakdown power threshold in microwave devices with complex geometries. The two necessary calculations when investigating such aExpand
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Multipactor saturation in parallel-plate waveguides
The saturation stage of a multipactor discharge is considered of interest, since it can guide towards a criterion to assess the multipactor onset. The electron cloud under multipactor regime within aExpand
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New multipactor dynamics in presence of dielectrics
A new multipactor saturation mechanism is presented for high power microwave devices in the presence of dielectrics. Recent measures have shown that the positive charge deposited on a dielectric as aExpand
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Space charge effects for multipactor in coaxial lines
Multipactor is a hazardous vacuum discharge produced by secondary electron emission within microwave devices of particle accelerators and telecommunication satellites. This work analyzes the dynamicsExpand
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Globally convergent algorithm to find the zeros of the cross-product of Bessel functions
  • E. Sorolla, M. Mattes
  • Mathematics
  • International Conference on Electromagnetics in…
  • 17 October 2011
This paper shows the construction of an algorithm to calculate the roots of both, the cross-product of Bessel functions respectively of their first derivatives. The algorithm has shown globallyExpand
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Algorithm to Calculate a Large Number of Roots of the Cross-Product of Bessel Functions
This paper describes an algorithm to calculate a large number of roots of the cross-product of Bessel functions and of their first derivatives. The algorithm initially finds the roots of the zerothExpand
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Enhancement of the Multipactor Threshold Inside Nonrectangular Iris
Multipactor breakdown is studied inside the capacitive iris of a rectangular waveguide with a skewed slot along its longitudinal cross section. Both the iris length and height are assumed to be smallExpand
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Multipactor analysis in parallel-plate waveguides loaded by a single dielectric slab
This paper studies the evolution of the multipactor discharge inside a parallel-plate waveguide partially loaded by a dielectric slab. The effect of static charges on the dielectric surface as wellExpand
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