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Activity and species composition of aerobic methanotrophic communities in tundra soils
The low-temperature, methane-oxidizing activities and species composition of methanotrophic communities in various tundra bog soils were investigated by radioisotopic and immunofluorescent methods and the highest activity of the process has been observed in the water surface layer of overmoistured soils and in water-logged moss covers. Expand
Bacterial methane production in the bottom sediments of Lake Baikal
The highest rates of methanogenesis were revealed in the sediments of Frolikha and Khakusy Bays and in the waste disposal zone of Baikal`sk. Expand
[Efficacy of moxifloxacin (Avelox) in prophylaxis of infection in patients with profound neutropenia].
Moxifloxacin proved to be a more efficient agent vs ciprofloxacins (standard prophylactic) in prevention of febrile neutropenia and neutropenic infection in cancer patients, which is likely due to its higher activity against grampositive organisms. Expand
[Dissociation of a Candida tropicalis culture and its capacity to stimulate levorin synthesis when cultured together with Actinomyces levoris].
It was shown that colonies of 2 types were grown on wart-agar, and an increase in the amount of the inoculum of the yeast-like fungi promoted a decrease in the time of their preliminary cultivation. Expand
[Prophylaxis of fungal infection in patients with hematologic neoplasms and severe neutropenia after high-dose chemotherapy].
The prophylactic use of itraconazole and fluconazole was efficient in preventing development of invasive mycoses in the patients with hemoblastoses and severe neutropenia and their efficacy was much higher than that of ketoconazole. Expand
[Benzylpenicillin efficacy for neutropenic infection prophylaxis in patients with cancer and postcytostatic neutropenia].
Combination with benzylpenicillin resulted in statistically significant reduction of infections frequency among oncological patients. Expand
[Piperacillin in the treatment of suppurative inflammatory complications in cancer patients].
Piperacillin (Pipril, Lederle, USA) is semisynthetic penicillin highly active against aerobic and anaerobic organisms and should be considered as one of the most active antibiotics for the treatment of purulent inflammatory complications in oncological patients. Expand