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Summary of: ‘Unto Others. The evolution and psychology of unselfish behavior'
Introduction: Bentham's corpse. Part 1 Evolutionary altruism: altruism as a biological concept a unified evolutionary theory of social behaviour adaptation and multilevel selection group selectionExpand
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The Nature of Selection
Polyazo dyestuffs of the formula A-N-M-D-M'-N=N-A' wherein A and A' each represents a 2(8)-amino-8(2)-hydroxynaphthalene radical further substituted with a sulphonic acid group, M and M' each represent a substituted 1,4- or 1,3-phenylene radical and D represents an organic radical bonded in the manner of an amide to M, are described. Expand
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Inferring Cellular Networks Using Probabilistic Graphical Models
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How to Tell When Simpler, More Unified, or Less Ad Hoc Theories will Provide More Accurate Predictions
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  • The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science
  • 1 March 1994
Traditional analyses of the curve fitting problem maintain that the data do not indicate what form the fitted curve should take. Expand
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Reintroducing group selection to the human behavioral sciences
In both biology and the human sciences, social groups are sometimes treated as adaptive units whose organization cannot be reduced to individual interactions. This group-level view is opposed by aExpand
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The Nature of Selection: Evolutionary Theory in Philosophical Focus
"The Nature of Selection" presents a powerful analysis of the evolutionary concepts of natural selection, fitness, and adaptation. The book clarifies controversial issues concerning altruism, groupExpand
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Philosophy of Biology
What Is Evolutionary Theory? Creationism Fitness The Units of Selection Problem Adaptationism Systematics Sociobiology and the Extension of Evolutionary Theory.
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Evidence and Evolution: The Logic Behind the Science
Preface 1. Evidence 2. Intelligent design 3. Natural selection 4. Common ancestry Conclusion References Index. Expand
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Artifact, Cause and Genic Selection
Several evolutionary biologists have used a parsimony argument to argue that the single gene is the unit of selection. Since all evolution by natural selection can be represented in terms ofExpand
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