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Conditional Cash Transfers: Reducing Present and Future Poverty
Conditional cash transfers (CCTs) are programs that transfer cash, generally to poor households, on the condition that those households make pre specified investments in the human capital of theirExpand
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Risk, Financial Markets, and Human Capital in a Developing Country
This paper explores the link between financial market incompleteness and human capital accumulation. We examine how child school attendance responds to seasonal fluctuations in the income of agrarianExpand
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PROGRESA and Its Impacts on the Welfare of Rural Households in Mexico
"This document synthesizes the findings contained in a series of reports prepared by IFPRI for PROGRESA between November 1998 and November 2000... PROGRESA is one of the major programs of the MexicanExpand
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The Impact of PROGRESA on Food Consumption
In this article we used data from the Mexican poverty alleviation program called PROGRESA (Programa de Educación, Salud y Alimentación) to examine whether eligibility for a cash transfer provided byExpand
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Using Shadow Wages to Estimate Labor Supply of Agricultural Households
With few exceptions, most studies of the labor demand and supply decisions of agricultural households in developing countries have relied on the empirical advantages of separability. Given theExpand
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Conditional Cash Transfers and Their Impact on Child Work and Schooling: Evidence from the PROGRESA Program in Mexico
In this paper we investigate whether a conditional cash transfer program such as the Programa Nacional de Educacion, Salud y Alimentacion (PROGRESA) can simultaneously combat the problems of lowExpand
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Economic Crises and Natural Disasters: Coping Strategies and Policy Implications
This paper reviews 12 studies presented at a conference examining two broad themes: (a) the interplay between household coping strategies and the impact of crises and natural disasters on variousExpand
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Household Resources, Transaction Costs, and Adjustment through Land Tenancy
This paper examines the role of household endowments of imperfectly tradeable factors of production (e.g., male, female, child labor, and draft animals) on land leasing. An explicit attempt is madeExpand
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