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Tetrathiovanadate(V) and tetrathiorhenate(VII): structures and reactions, including characterization of the VFe2S4 core unit
The structural and derivative chemistry of (VS/sub 4/)/sup 3 -/ and (ReS/sub 4/)/sup -/ has been investigated. (NH/sub 4/)/sub 3/(VS/sub 4/) crystallizes in orthorhombic space group Pnma with a =Expand
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IRC011, a new synthetic chelator with selective interaction with catabolic red blood cell iron: evaluation in hypertransfused rats with hepatocellular and reticuloendothelial radioiron probes and in
A major consideration in the selection of new and improved iron chelators for clinical use is preferential interaction with the most toxic iron compartment. We describe the biologic properties of aExpand
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Improved syntheses of tetrachlorodi-.mu.-sulfidodiferrate(2-) ([Fe2S2Cl4]2-) and hexachloro-.mu.-oxodiferrate(2-) ([Fe2OCl6]2-) and oxo/sulfido ligand substitution by use of silylsulfide reagents
Synthese et reactions de substitution par (Me 3 Si) 2 S, NaSSiMe 3 et NaOSiMe 3 . Preparation de NaSSiMe 3
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Derivatives of tetrathiovanadate(V): synthesis of the linear heterometallic Fe(.mu.2-S)2V(.mu.2-S)2Fe core and the structures of tetrathiovanadate(3-) ion ([VS4]3-) and
Etude structurale des composes NH 4 VS 4 et (Me 4 N) 3 [VFe 2 S 4 Cl 4 ] par diffraction RX et spectres RMN en solution
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Oxo sulfido ligand substitution in dimolybdate ([Mo2O7]2-): reaction sequence and characterization of the final product, [MoS3(OSiMe3)]-
Etude en solution dans l'acetonitrile. Formation comme produit final de [MoS 3 (OSiMe 3 )] − dont on etudie la structure cristalline
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