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Simultaneous incorporation of Mn and Al in the goethite structure
Abstract Two series of (Al,Mn)-substituted goethites were synthesized from ferrihydrite made in alkaline media, with different Al/Mn mole ratios ([Al + Mn]/Fe molar ratio up to 0.12). Powder X-rayExpand
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Chemical, structural and hyperfine characterization of goethites with simultaneous incorporation of manganese, cobalt and aluminum ions
Abstract To elucidate the influence of bi-substitution on the structural and hyperfine properties of goetites, two series of (Al,Co)- and (Mn,Co)-substituted goethites were synthesized in alkalineExpand
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Photocatalyzed degradation of flumequine by doped TiO2 and simulated solar light.
Titanium dioxide was obtained in its pure form (TiO2) and in the presence of urea (u-TiO2) and thiourea (t-TiO2) using the sol-gel technique. The obtained powders were characterized by BET surfaceExpand
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Structure and reactivity of synthetic Co-substituted goethites
Abstract A set of synthetic goethites were prepared from Fe3+- and Co2+-nitrate solutions in alkaline media with a Co/(Co + Fe) ratio (xCo) up to 10 mol%. The structural characterization of theExpand
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Effect of Mn(II) incorporation on the transformation of ferrihydrite to goethite
Abstract A series of Mn-substituted goethites were obtained by the addition of Mn(II) to ferrihydrite in alkaline media, at different times. The total aging period was 24 h. Chemical analysisExpand
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Structural characterization and chemical reactivity of synthetic Mn-goethites and hematites
Abstract Several goethites were obtained through the hydrolysis at 60 °C of Fe(III) solutions containing variable amounts of Mn(II) ions. The obtained samples were thermally treated at temperaturesExpand
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Structural study of a series of synthetic goethites obtained in aqueous solutions containing cadmium(II) ions
Univ Buenos Aires, Fac Ciencias Exactas & Nat, INQUIMAE, RA-1428 Buenos Aires, DF, Argentina
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Magnetic polymers of maghemite (?-Fe 2O 3) and polyvinyl alcohol
Abstract Oxide particles synthesized and dispersed in aqueous medium, containing different polymeric forms, can be trapped in solid matrices keeping a high dispersion degree. The oxide/polymer massExpand
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Nickel zinc ferrites prepared by the citrate precursor method
Abstract Ni1−xZnxFe2O4 (x=0.2, 0.4, 0.5, 0.6 and 0.7) were prepared by a combustion method. The precursors for the solids were different gels obtained from metal nitrates and citric acid by aExpand
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Gadolinium–Nickel ferrites prepared from metal citrates precursors
Abstract The structure of a series of nickel ferrites obtained from mixed Gd, Fe and Ni citrates has been investigated in order to explore the possibility of Gd-for-Fe substitution in the solids.Expand
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