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Consensus standards for acquisition, measurement, and reporting of intravascular optical coherence tomography studies: a report from the International Working Group for Intravascular Optical
OBJECTIVES The purpose of this document is to make the output of the International Working Group for Intravascular Optical Coherence Tomography (IWG-IVOCT) Standardization and Validation available toExpand
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Muscle quality. II. Effects Of strength training in 65- to 75-yr-old men and women.
To determine the effects of strength training (ST) on muscle quality (MQ, strength/muscle volume of the trained muscle group), 12 healthy older men (69 +/- 3 yr, range 65-75 yr) and 11 healthy olderExpand
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Effects of age, gender, and myostatin genotype on the hypertrophic response to heavy resistance strength training.
BACKGROUND Because of the scarcity of data available from direct comparisons of age and gender groups using the same relative training stimulus, it is unknown whether older individuals can increaseExpand
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Fast Nearest Neighbor Search in Medical Image Databases
We show that the L, (= max) norm in the n-d space lower-bounds the actual distance. Expand
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Rapid AI Development Cycle for the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic: Initial Results for Automated Detection & Patient Monitoring using Deep Learning CT Image Analysis
We present a system that utilizes robust 2D and 3D deep learning models, modifying and adapting existing AI models and combining them with clinical understanding to differentiate coronavirus patients from non-patients. Expand
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Muscle Size Responses to Strength Training in Young and Older Men and Women
OBJECTIVES: To examine the possible influences of age and gender on muscle volume responses to strength training (ST).
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Digital Radiography Reject Analysis: Data Collection Methodology, Results, and Recommendations from an In-depth Investigation at Two Hospitals
Reject analysis was performed on 288,000 computed radiography image records collected from a university hospital (UH) and a large community hospital (CH). Expand
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A more efficient magnetic resonance imaging-based strategy for measuring quadriceps muscle volume.
PURPOSE To determine the accuracy of several magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)-based strategies for assessment of quadriceps muscle volume (MV) and changes in MV with training. METHODS Images wereExpand
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Severe skin reactions from interventional fluoroscopy: case report and review of the literature.
Some patients with certain preexisting health conditions may be at elevated risk for unusually intense radiation-induced skin reactions and late tissue damage from high-dose interventionalExpand
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Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise: A Primer
Recently, one of my friends, a computer wizard, paid me a visit. As we were talking, I mentioned that I had recently installed a picture archiving and communication system and a radiology informationExpand
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