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The Dynamics of Social Practice: Everyday Life and how it Changes
The Dynamics of Social Practice Introducing Theories of Practice Materials and Resources Sequence and Structure Making and Breaking Links Material, Competence and Meaning Car-Driving: Elements andExpand
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Beyond the ABC: Climate Change Policy and Theories of Social Change
In this short and deliberately provocative paper I reflect on what seems to be a yawning gulf between the potential contribution of the social sciences and the typically restricted models andExpand
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Comfort, Cleanliness and Convenience: The Social Organization of Normality
Over the past few generations, expectations of comfort, cleanliness and convenience have altered radically, but these dramatic changes have largely gone unnoticed. This intriguing book bringsExpand
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Converging Conventions of Comfort, Cleanliness and Convenience
Many commentators analyse green consumption as if it were an expression of individual environmental commitment. Such approaches suppose that the adoption of more sustainable ways of life depends uponExpand
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On “The Design of Everyday Life”
  • E. Shove
  • Engineering, Sociology
  • 1 December 2007
Abstract: The article highlights the intersection between design, STS and consumption outlining practices as the central unit of analysis. The paper illustrates this perspective with reference to aExpand
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Consumers, Producers and Practices
The idea that artifacts are acquired and used in the course of accomplishing social practices has important implications for theories of consumption and innovation. From this point of view, it is notExpand
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Caution! Transitions Ahead: Politics, Practice, and Sustainable Transition Management
Green is not alone in contending that `̀ environmental c̀rises' require fundamental changes in the socio-technological structure of the way we live and work.''(1) For those concerned withExpand
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Governing transitions in the sustainability of everyday life
The literature on sociotechnical transitions and their governance tends to concentrate on the introduction of new technologies and systems of supply. In this paper we seek to extend the scope ofExpand
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The dynamics of social practice
The seminars is organised around a series of propositions about social practices and how they change. The strategy is to explore a sequence of distinct but related claims, for instance, thatExpand
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What Is Energy For? Social Practice and Energy Demand
Energy has an ambivalent status in social theory, variously figuring as a driver or an outcome of social and institutional change, or as something that is woven into the fabric of society itself. InExpand
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