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The rare earth elements in rivers, estuaries, and coastal seas and their significance to the composition of ocean waters
The concentrations of the rare earth elements (REEs) in samples from 15 rivers, from 6 estuarine transects, and of 5 coastal seawaters are reported and have been used with literature data to examineExpand
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Iron solubility driven by speciation in dust sources to the ocean
Particulate aerosols are thought to be the primary source of iron to the oceans, but the factors determining their solubility, and thus bioavailability, are unclear. X-ray absorption analysis revealsExpand
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The aquatic chemistry of rare earth elements in rivers and estuaries
Laboratory experiments were carried out to determine how pH, colloids and salinity control the fractionation of rare earth elements (REEs) in river and estuarine waters. By using natural waters asExpand
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Ocean particle chemistry: The fractionation of rare earth elements between suspended particles and seawater
Sargasso Sea suspended particles were sequentially digested with three chemical treatments (acetic acid, mild HCl/HNO[sub 3], and HF/HNO[sub 3]/HCl in a bomb). The latter two treatments dissolveExpand
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Flocculation of dissolved organic and inorganic matter during the mixing of river water and seawater
Abstract A new approach to estuarine studies (termed the product approach) is presented which establishes 1. (1) the extent and salinity dependence of non-conservative behaviour; 2. (2) compositionExpand
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The mechanism of iron removal in estuaries
Abstract A survey of U.S. east coast estuaries confirms that large-scale rapid removal of iron from river water is a general phenomenon during estuarine mixing. The river-borne ‘dissolved’ ironExpand
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Impact of anthropogenic combustion emissions on the fractional solubility of aerosol iron: Evidence from the Sargasso Sea
We report empirical estimates of the fractional solubility of aerosol iron over the Sargasso Sea during periods characterized by high concentrations of Saharan dust (summer 2003) and by lowExpand
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Trace element cycling in a subterranean estuary: Part 2. Geochemistry of the pore water
Abstract Submarine groundwater discharge (SGD) is an important source of dissolved elements to the ocean, yet little is known regarding the chemical reactions that control their flux from sandyExpand
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Abstract The estuarine chemistry of dissolved humic acids was determined by carrying out both field and laboratory studies. These approaches were combined in an investigation of the Amazon estuaryExpand
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Chapter 158 Marine chemistry and geochemistry of the lanthanides
Publisher Summary This chapter discusses the characteristics and properties of lanthanides in seawater and presents the rationale for studying the lanthanide composition of natural waters. TheExpand
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