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Fine structure of rice dwarf virus
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Rice Dwarf Virus
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Fungus-Transmitted and Similar Labile Rod-Shaped Viruses
At least 12 viruses (Table I) are known to have rod-shaped particles which, although superficially similar to those of authentic tobamoviruses (Matthews, 1982; Gibbs, 1977), differ in that they occurExpand
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Small virus-like particles isolated from the leaf sheath tissues of rice plants and from the rice tarsonemid mites, Steneotarsonemus spinki smiley (Acarina, Tarsonemidae).
The spherical virus-like particles, 35nm in diameter, were isolated from the rice plants infected with rice ragged stunt, dwarf, black-streaked dwarf, grassy stunt viruses, as well as from “healthy”Expand
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RNA Polymerase Activity of Rice Ragged Stunt and Rice Black-Streaked Dwarf Viruses
Plant reoviruses are assumed to contain virion associated RNA polymerase1). However the enzyme activity of rice ragged stunt virus (RRSV) in subgroup 3 has not been demonstrated, while that ofExpand
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