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The possible role of plasma kallikrein-kinin system and leukocyte elastase in pathogenesis of schizophrenia.
In vitro study indicates that Haloperidol causes the lowering of PMN-E activity in the dose-dependent fashion, and suggested that the acute stage of Sch was accompanied by the activation of KKS on the background of enhance in the functional activity of the alpha-1-proteinase inhibitor. Expand
Supramolecular Sensors for Opiates and Their Metabolites.
The present study highlights a sensing approach for opiates using acyclic cucurbituril sensors comprising four glycouril units terminated on both ends with naphthalene fluorophore walls, which enables the determination of drugs and their metabolites in water with high fidelity and low error. Expand
[Prodigiozan as an activator of peritoneal macrophages].
The changes indicate that activation of the macrophages is one of the significant mechanisms of increasing the host nonspecific resistance with prodigiozan. Expand
Determination of enantiomeric excess in amine derivatives with molecular self-assemblies.
The first fluorescence-based assay for the rapid determination of the ee’value of amines, amino alcohols, and amino acid esters is reported, which will lead to the development of high-throughput procedures for the determined chirality. Expand
Toward Fluorescence-Based High-Throughput Screening for Enantiomeric Excess in Amines and Amino Acid Derivatives.
A highly accurate and reliable screening method for enantiomeric excess of amine derivatives in the presence of water is reported and the role of additives such as water or citrate was carried out to gain insight into the stability of the iminoboronate esters. Expand
High-Throughput Assay for Enantiomeric Excess Determination in 1,2- and 1,3-Diols and Direct Asymmetric Reaction Screening.
A simple and efficient method for determination of the yield, enantiomeric/diasteriomeric excess (ee/de), and absolute configuration of crude chiral diols without the need of work-up and productExpand
[Activation of kallikrein-kinin system, degranulating activity of neutrophils and blood-brain barrier in schizophrenia].
The increase of CRP levels, high hemolytic activity of complement as well as considerable degranulating activity of polymorphonuclear leukocytes may be the causes of the damage of BBB permeability during acute schizophrenic attack. Expand
[Effectiveness of various chemotherapy regimens for patients with chronic myeloid leukemia in blast crisis].
The 7 + 3 and RAP schemes proved the most effective treatment for myeloid BC, while the COP + Rub and VAP for lymphoblastic BC. Expand
Fluorescence-Based Assay for Carbonic Anhydrase Inhibitors
Summary Carbonic anhydrases are implicated in a number of diseases, including glaucoma, cancer, epilepsy, and others. Here, we present a fluorescence-based assay that utilizes theExpand
A dual chromophore sensor for the detection of amines, diols, hydroxy acids, and amino alcohols.
The determination of enantiomeric excess (ee) in various groups of chiral compounds, namely amines, amino alcohols, diols, and hydroxy acids is performed using a dual chromophore FRET/PET basedExpand