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Supermembranes and Eleven-Dimensional Supergravity
Abstract We construct an action for a supermembrane propagating in d = 1 supergravity background. Using the constraints of d = 11 curved superspace, we show that the action is invariant underExpand
Aspects of κ symmetry
We review various aspects of a fermionic gauge symmetry, known as the κ–symmetry, which plays an important role in formulations of superstrings, supermembranes and higher dimensional extendedExpand
Chiral compactification on Minkowski × S2 of N = 2 Einstein-Maxwell supergravity in six dimensions
Abstract We show that the U(1) gauged Einstein-Maxwell supergravity in six dimensions, spontaneously compactifies on Minkowski × S 2 , with a monopole-valued Maxwell field on S 2 . The bosomicExpand
Abstract SU(2) gauged N =2 supergravity in d =8 is constructed by generalized dimensional reduction of d =11 supergravity on SU(2) group manifold. The relation between the field equations of the d =8Expand
Massless higher spins and holography
Abstract We treat free large N superconformal field theories as holographic duals of higher spin (HS) gauge theories expanded around AdS spacetime with radius R . The HS gauge theories containExpand
D = 11, p = 5
Abstract The equations of motion of the super five-brane in D = 11 dimensions are derived using the formalism of superembeddings. The equations describe highly nonlinear self-interactions of a tensorExpand
Superconformal Tensor Calculus and Matter Couplings in Six-dimensions
Abstract Using superconformal tensor calculus we construct general interactions of N = 2, d = 6 supergravity with a tensor multiplet and a number of scalar, vector and linear multiplets. We startExpand
Covariant field equations of the M theory five-brane
Abstract The component form of the equations of motion for the 5-brane in eleven dimensions is derived from the superspace equations. These equations are fully covariant in six dimensions. It isExpand
Holography in 4D (super) higher spin theories and a test via cubic scalar couplings
The correspondences proposed previously between higher spin gauge theories and free singleton fleld theories were recently extended into a more complete picture by Klebanov and Polyakov in the caseExpand
Properties of the Eleven-Dimensional Supermembrane Theory
We study in detail the structure of the Lorentz covariant, spacetime supersymmetric 11-dimensional supermembrane theory. We show that for a flat spacetime background, the spacetime supersymmetryExpand