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Effect of Nutrient Availability on Macrocystis pyrifera Recruitment and Survival near Its Southern Limit off Baja California
Abstract The effect of nutrient availability on Macrocystis pyrifera recruitment and survival of juvenile sporophytes was examined at its southern limit off Baja California, Mexico. Nitrate levelsExpand
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Species composition and seasonal changes in macroalgal blooms in lagoons along the southeastern Gulf of California
Species composition and seasonal changes in macroalgal blooms in six coastal lagoons highly impacted by human activities were tracked for the three seasons between May 2004 and April 2005. ThoughExpand
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Gross chemical composition of three common macroalgae and a sea grass on the Pacific coast of Baja California, Mexico
Chemical composition (moisture, crude protein, crude fibre, ether extractables, ash, and nitrogen-free extract) was determined in three marine algae and one sea grass of the Pacific coast of BajaExpand
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Modeling an exploited rocky coastal ecosystem: Bahia Tortugas, Mexico
Abstract A trophic structure model of the rocky coastal ecosystem in Bahia Tortugas, Mexico was constructed using Ecopath software to represent the main biomass flows in the system. Data for theExpand
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Protein-hydrolyzing enzymes in the digestive systems of the adult Mexican blue abalone, Haliotis fulgens (Gastropoda)
Abstract The physiology of protein digestion by adult abalone was investigated. The female and male digestive systems of blue abalone were studied by using enzymatic techniques, includingExpand
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Marine extinctions revisited
In recent years, more than 130 extinctions have been estimated to have occurred in the marine realm. Here we review this body of evidence and show that this figure may actually be overestimated by asExpand
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Digestive proteases in juvenile Mexican green abalone, Haliotis fulgens
In this study, proteolytic and specific substrate activities were measured in viscera (VIS) and hepatopancreas (HP) extracts from juvenile green abalone, Haliotis fulgens. The soluble protein wasExpand
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Gelidium robustum agar: Quality characteristics from exploited beds and seasonality from an unexploited bed at Southern Baja California, Mexico
The yield and gel properties of agar from Gelidium robustum, harvested in Baja California for industrial production is affected by season of collection and epiphyte loading. The alga is epiphytizedExpand
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Seasonal and interannual variation of fatty acids in macrophytes from the Pacific coast of Baja California Peninsula (Mexico)
The fatty acid composition of macrophytes is usually quite stable among different taxonomic groups, and thus, several fatty acids can been used as biomarkers. However, variations between species canExpand
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Copper and Cadmium Biosorption by Dried Seaweed Sargassum sinicola in Saline Wastewater
Rates of biosorption of cadmium and copper ions by nonliving biomass of the brown macroalga Sargassum sinicola under saline conditions were studied. Batch experiments show that the ability to removeExpand
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