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Characterization of an omega-class glutathione S-transferase from Schistosoma mansoni with glutaredoxin-like dehydroascorbate reductase and thiol transferase activities.
It is reported here that SmGSTO protein is a 28-kDa polypeptide, detected in all life stages of the parasite, being highly expressed in adult worms, and displayed significant glutathione-dependent dehydroascorbate reductase and thiol transferase enzymatic activities. Expand
Differential susceptibility to acute Trypanosoma cruzi infection in BALB/c and C57BL/6 mice is not associated with a distinct parasite load but cytokine abnormalities
The greater disease severity of T. cruzi‐infected C57BL/6 mice was not linked to an increased parasite load, as parasitaemia, myocardial parasite nests and amastigote counts in peritoneal macrophages were not different from those in BALB/c mice. Expand
Development of parenteral formulations and evaluation of the biological activity of the trypanocide drug benznidazole.
Investigation of the solubilization of BZL at two pH values using various cosolvents showed that the formulations were stable for at least 1.5 years, and the selected formulations are suitable for further clinical studies. Expand
New generic primer system targeting mucosal/genital and cutaneous human papillomaviruses leads to the characterization of HPV 115, a novel Beta-papillomavirus species 3.
This report is the first providing data on cutaneous HPVs circulating in South America and expands the knowledge of the Papillomaviridae family. Expand
Benznidazole blocks NF-kappaB activation but not AP-1 through inhibition of IKK.
It is demonstrated that the inhibitory effect of BZL is not extended to other macrophages, since it did not inhibit other typical hallmarks of macrophage activation such as phagocytosis, MHC-II molecules expression or production of reactive oxygen species (ROS) by NADPH oxidase. Expand
Lysine Acetylation: Elucidating the Components of an Emerging Global Signaling Pathway in Trypanosomes
  • V. Alonso, E. Serra
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Journal of biomedicine & biotechnology
  • 3 October 2012
The most important known acetylated proteins and the advances made in the identification of new acetylation proteins using high-resolution mass spectrometry are overviewed, focusing on trypanosomes and their potential use as chemotherapeutic targets. Expand
Construction of three new Gateway® expression plasmids for Trypanosoma cruzi
Three expression plasmids for Trypanosoma cruzi adapted to the Gateway® recombination cloning system were presented, designed to express trypanosomal proteins fused to a double tag for tandem affinity purification (TAPtag) and the inducible pTcINDEX. Expand
Biomphalaria glabrata embryonic cells express a protein with a domain homologous to the lectin domain of mammalian selectins
Abstract We have cloned from Biomphalaria glabrata, the intermediate host of the helminth parasite Schistosoma mansoni, a 36-kDa apparent-molecular-mass molecule (BgSel) that shares sequence identityExpand