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One of the striking features of Dirac's theory of the electron was the appearance of solutions to his equations which required the existence of an antiparticle, later identified as the positron.
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Radioactive Isotopes of Element 43
PROF. E. O. LAWRENCE, of the University of California, gave us a plate of molybdenum which had been irradiated with deuterons in the Berkeley cyclotron. The plate showed a strong radioactivity due toExpand
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Range Energy Relation for 340 NeV Protons
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Rate of ‘Organification’ of Phosphorus in Animal Tissues
RADIOACTIVE isotopes as indicators in biological problems were first used by Hevesy1. Recent progress in the production of artificial radioactive substances makes this field of research one of theExpand
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Technetium: The Element of Atomic Number 43
IN 1937, Perrier and Segrè showed that radioactive isotopes of element 43 could be formed by neutron or deuteron bombardment of molybdenum1. Several chemical properties of element 43 were establishedExpand
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Some Fission Products of Uranium
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Astatine: The Element of Atomic Number 85
IN 1940, we prepared the isotope of mass 211 of element 85 by bombarding bismuth with alpha particles accelerated in the 60-in. cyclotron of the Radiation Laboratory of the University of California1.
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