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The Exegetical Craft of the Zohar: Toward an Appreciation
  • E. Segal
  • Philosophy
    AJS Review
  • 1 March 1992
As a consequence of the specialization that thrives in current humanistic studies, it is not surprising that scholarship has tended to classify the literary creations of the past into fixed
Jewish Perspectives on Restorative Justice
Judaism is a 'traditional' religion in that its revealed scriptures are mediated and interpreted by a historical tradition, known as the 'oral Torah.' The word 'Torah' means 'instruction' and is
Digital Discipleship : Using the Internet for the Teaching of Jewish Thought
The Internet has acquired a very bad reputation among scholars and teachers. Amid the multitude of Internet sites devoted to commerce, entertainment or outright triviality, it is easy to forget that
Reading Jewish Religious Texts
Introduction. Chapter One: Prayers and Liturgical Texts. Chapter Two: Aggadah and Midrash. Chapter Three: The Literature of Halakhic Discourse. Chapter Four: Jewish Bible Commentaries. Chapter Five:
A Funny Thing Happened on My Way to Sodom
As an illustration of the phenomena of “filtered absorption” or “controlled incorporation” of Greek and Roman culture into late classical Judaism, this article focuses on the depiction of Abraham’s
Comptes rendus / Reviews of books: Esther in Medieval Garb: Jewish Interpretation of the Book of Esther in the Middle Ages
one affirms is often merely plausible rather than self-evident-yet one affirms it nonetheless. That is to say, even in ordinary and mundane cases a rational affirmation’s grounds often include an