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Ankle arthrodesis. Long-term follow-up with gait analysis.
A functional assessment of twelve patients after ankle arthrodesis for post-traumatic arthritis was carried out by means of an extensive clinical evaluation and gait analysis after an averageExpand
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Radiologic measurement of superior displacement of the humeral head in the impingement syndrome.
A method for directly measuring the position of the humeral head on the face of the glenoid in different positions of abduction of the arm was developed. We studied three subject groups: 12 patientsExpand
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Arthroscopic acromioplasty. Technique and results.
Of forty-four patients who were treated by arthroscopic acromioplasty from July 1984 through August 1986, forty were available for analysis. The average age was 43.2 years, and 86 per cent of themExpand
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The effects of sectioning of the posterior cruciate ligament and the posterolateral complex on the articular contact pressures within the knee.
Articular contact pressures in ten cadaveric knees with intact ligaments were measured with the use of film and a model that simulated non-weight-bearing resistive extension of the knee. TheExpand
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A Prospective Comparative Study of the Compression Hip Screw and the Gamma Nail
Summary: Achieving bony union and early weight bearing in peritrochanteric femur fractures poses a continuous challenge for the orthopedic surgeon. Current standards of surgical fixation for theExpand
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Growth retardation in fetal alcohol syndrome. Unresponsiveness to growth-promoting hormones.
The relationships between growth retardation and metabolic and hormonal parameters were studied in 7 children with fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS). Fasting blood concentrations of TSH, T4, T3, FSH andExpand
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Effect of pamidronate administration on bone in patients with acute spinal cord injury.
Eleven subjects participated in a prospective placebo-controlled trial to address the efficacy of pamidronate in reducing bone loss in persons with acute spinal cord injury (SCI). We administeredExpand
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Effect of a vitamin D analog on leg bone mineral density in patients with chronic spinal cord injury.
A randomized, placebo-controlled trial was performed to determine the effect of a vitamin D analog (1-alpha-hydroxyvitamin D(2) [1-alpha D(2)]) on the bone mineral density (BMD) in patients withExpand
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Relationship of fat mass and serum estradiol with lower extremity bone in persons with chronic spinal cord injury.
In the spinal cord injury (SCI) population, a relationship between adiposity and leg bone has not been reported, nor one between serum estradiol and leg bone mass. A cross-sectional, comparativeExpand
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The effects of food restriction on hematology, clinical chemistry and pathology in the albino rat.
Abstract Three groups of Carworth Farms rats, weighing approximately 105–120 g, were given quantities of food equal to 50, 75 or 87.5% of the amount consumed by a control group fed ad libitum.Expand
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