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Preventing Plant Blindness
Editor: Randy Moore, Biology Department, University of Louisville, Louisville, KY 40292, Phone: (502) 852-6490, E-mail: randy.moore@louisville.edu Managing Editor: Christine Chantry Associate Editor:Expand
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Preparing Biology Graduate Teaching Assistants for Their Roles as Instructors: An Assessment of Institutional Approaches
Faculty and staff were surveyed to assess the professional development (PD) for teaching provided to biology graduate students at academic institutions. Although more than 90% of institutionsExpand
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It's not easy being green: student recall of plant and animal images
It is well documented that people are less interested in studying plants than animals. We tested whether university students would selectively recall more animal images than plant images even whenExpand
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Does Instructor Type Matter? Undergraduate Student Perception of Graduate Teaching Assistants and Professors
Graduate teaching assistants (GTAs) are used extensively as instructors in higher education, yet their status and authority as teachers may be unclear to undergraduates, to administrators, and evenExpand
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Changes in cell structure during the formation of root aerenchyma inSAGITTARIA LANCIFOLIA (Alismataceae).
In many wetland species, root aerenchyma is produced by the predictable collapse of root cortex cells, indicating a programmed cell death (PCD). The objective of this study was to characterize theExpand
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Responses of the spring ephemeral Claytonia virginica L. to light and nutrient manipulations and implications for the "vernal-dam" hypothesis'
EICKMEIER, W. G. AND E. E. SCHUSSLER (Department of Biology, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN 37235). Responses of the spring ephemeral Claytonia virginica L. to light and nutrient manipulationsExpand
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Exploring plant and animal content in elementary science textbooks
Student knowledge about plants is typically less than student knowledge about animals. Textbooks are a commonly-used curriculum material in elementary grades and contain embedded cultural ideologiesExpand
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Student Use of Out-of-Class Study Groups in an Introductory Undergraduate Biology Course
Self-formed out-of-class study groups may benefit student learning; however, few researchers have quantified the relationship between study group use and achievement or described changes in studyExpand
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