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Networks of Power
Living on the Edge: Core/Periphery Relations in Ancient Southeastern Mesoamerica
Les investigations archeologiques des marges des grandes civilisations ont traditionnellement ete guidees par la supposition que les politiques dans de telles zones etaient peripheriques par rapportExpand
Interregional Interaction in the SE Maya Periphery: the Santa Barbara Archaeological Project 1983–1984 Seasons
AbstractArchaeological study of the SE Maya Periphery has lagged considerably behind research in other portions of Mesoamerica, resulting in a dearth of time-space systematics for this extensiveExpand
Politics with style: Identity formation in prehispanic southeastern mesoamerica
Those seeking to ensconce themselves at the pinnacles of emerging sociopolitical hierarchies must forge alliances with both their immediate subordinates and distant peers. In the first case,Expand
Playing with Power: Ballcourts and Political Ritual in Southern Mesoamerica [and Comments and Reply]
Etude sur le role des jeux de balle dans les rituels mesoamericains et son importance dans l'organisation de la societe, de l'architecture et l'organisation des rituels politiques
Modeling the Roles of Craft Production in Ancient Political Economies
Ongoing debates over the significance of specialized production in ancient political economies frequently hinge on questions of whether elites or commoners controlled craft manufactures and whetherExpand
The Political Impact of Trade in Chiefdoms
Trade theories of state formation have failed to specify trade as market behavior, and to appreciate the political role of imported luxury goods in chiefdoms. When luxury goods and other valuableExpand
A Crisis of Identity: Late Classic Competition and Interaction on the Southeast Maya Periphery
Archaeologistsfrequently assume that when cultures interact with each other the most complex partner dominates the transactions. We propose that this is a misleadingly simple view of a complexExpand