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Observer-based monitors and distributed wave controllers for electromechanical disturbances in power systems
The thesis deals with monitoring and control of system-wide electromechanical (or “swing”) dynamics in power systems. The first part of the thesis is devoted to observer-based monitoring, while theExpand
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Time-Scale Separation Designs for Performance Recovery of Power Systems With Unknown Parameters and Faults
In this brief we apply several time-scale separation designs for robust stabilization and performance recovery to multimachine power systems with two commonly encountered classes of uncertainties,Expand
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Impedance matching controllers to extinguish electromechanical waves in power networks
In this paper we design power system controllers to eliminate electromechanical disturbances associated with swing dynamics of electrically coupled generators. Based on the view that suchExpand
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Graphical observer design suitable for large-scale DAE power systems
In this paper we discuss an intuitive observer design approach that is suitable for large-scale systems, such as power systems. In arriving at this approach we drew inspiration from the field ofExpand
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Observer-Based Monitors for Electromechanical Dynamics in Power Networks 1
In this paper we demonstrate how dynamic ob- servers can be used to monitor system-wide electromechan- ical (or "swing") dynamics in power systems. We illus- trate how to design these observer-basedExpand
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Design of H∞ Observers for Singular Electromechanical Dynamics in Power Networks using LMIs
In this paper we focus on the design of H∞ observers, using linear matrix inequalities (LMIs), to estimate the dynamic state of a power system over a wide-area by using a limited set of sensors. WeExpand
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Performance recovery of power systems with unknown parameters and faults
In this paper we apply the time-scale separation design developed by Chakrabortty and Arcak (2007) for robust stabilization and performance recovery to power systems with unknown load power demandsExpand
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El dominio de la red eléctrica
Varios apagones catastroficos producidos durante la ultima decada han demostrado la necesidad de contar con sistemas de alerta anticipada en los centros de control de los sistemas de transmision.Expand
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Real-time Parameter Estimation of Dynamic Power Systems using Multiple Observers
In this paper we describe a method suitable for real-time estimation of parameters of differential algebraic equation (DAE) dynamical models, generally used to model power systems. The method usesExpand
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