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Fine structure of macrogametes and oocysts of coccidia and related organisms
SummaryThe fine structure of the macrogametes of coccidia was investigated, described and diagrammatically depicted. A comparative analysis was made of representative species belonging to variousExpand
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[The fine structure of the macrogametes of the chicken coccidium, Eimeria tenella].
Die Feinstruktur von Trophozoiten, Makrogamonten und Makrogameten des Huhnercoccids Eimeria tenella aus dem Blinddarmgewebe kunstlich infizierter Kuken wurde untersucht, dargestellt und beschrieben.Expand
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Ultrastructural study of characteristic organelles (paired organelles, micronemes, micropores) of sporozoa and related organisms
SummaryBy means of electron microscopy a study has been made of different developmental stages of Eimeria callospermophili, E. falciformis, Toxoplasma gondii, Frenkelia spec. (= M-organism), BabesiaExpand
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Fine structural study of the microgametogenesis of Eimeria auburnensis
SummaryThe microgametogenesis of Eimeria auburnensis from experimentally infected calves killed 16 to 18 days after inoculation was investigated with the electron microscope. Early microgametocytesExpand
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Electron microscope studies of microgametogenesis in coccidia and related groups
SummaryThe fine structure of the microgamonts and microgametes of coccidia and related groups was investigated and is herein described and diagrammatically depicted. Particular attention is given toExpand
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The roe deer intermediate host of different coccidia
notherapy, we noticed in all cases a subjective and objective amelioration of health condition as well as an inhibition of the proliferation of tumor growth over periods of time which variedExpand
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Ultrastructural study of Sarcocystis fusiformis (Railliet, 1897) infecting the Indian water buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) of Egypt.
Sarcocysts from the muscular layer of the oesophagus of 20 Indian water buffaloes (about 7--10 years old) have been collected in Egypt and studied by means of electron microscopy in Bonn (WestExpand
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Besnoitia jellisoni in macrophages and cysts from experimentally infected laboratory mice.
SYNOPSIS. Besnoitia jellisoni from experimentally infected laboratory mice (Mus musculus) was studied by means of electron microscopy. After inoculation into the peritoneal cavity, the parasites wereExpand
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