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The Biology of Acroceridae (Diptera): True Endoparasitoids of Spiders
The only truly coevolved, host-restricted, parasitoid family of Diptera known to attack spiders is the endoparasitic family Acroceridae (Cyrtidae of authors).
Mites of the family Caligonellidae (Acarina)
The systematics of one of these obscure families of mites, the Caligonellidae, is discussed and three new genera—Molothrognathus, Stigmagnathu, and Coptocheles—and eight new species are described.
Phylogeny and Bayesian divergence time estimations of small-headed flies (Diptera: Acroceridae) using multiple molecular markers.
These estimates indicate Acroceridae likely evolved during the late Triassic but did not diversify greatly until the Cretaceous, and support emerging morphological evidence that the type genus Acrocersa Meigen are atypical acrocerids.
The Biology, Behavior, and Morphology of Praon Palitans Muesebeck, an Internal Parasite of the Spotted Alfalfa Aphid, Therioaphis Maculata (Buckton) (Hymenoptera: Braconidae, Aphidiinae)
A facultative diapause exists and lasts for about 140 days in the field during the winter months; the effect of this diappause on the subsequent parasitization of the aphid is noted; various factors which may limit the effectiveness of Praon palitans are discussed.