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Measuring Reddening with Sloan Digital Sky Survey Stellar Spectra and Recalibrating SFD
We present measurements of dust reddening using the colors of stars with spectra in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey. We measure reddening as the difference between the measured and predicted colors of aExpand
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The Pan-STARRS1 Surveys
Pan-STARRS1 has carried out a set of distinct synoptic imaging sky surveys including the $3\pi$ Steradian Survey and the Medium Deep Survey in 5 bands ($grizy_{P1}$). The mean 5$\sigma$ point sourceExpand
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A Three-Dimensional Map of Milky-Way Dust
We present a three-dimensional map of interstellar dust reddening, covering three-quarters of the sky out to a distance of several kiloparsecs, based on Pan-STARRS 1 and 2MASS photometry. The mapExpand
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Galactic reddening in 3D from stellar photometry – an improved map
We present a new 3D map of interstellar dust reddening, covering three quarters of the sky (declinations of δ ≳ −30°) out to a distance of several kiloparsecs. The map is based on high-qualityExpand
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A 3D Dust Map Based on Gaia, Pan-STARRS 1 and 2MASS
We present a new three-dimensional map of dust reddening, based on Gaia parallaxes and stellar photometry from Pan-STARRS 1 and 2MASS. This map covers the sky north of a declination of -30 degrees,Expand
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CGRaBS: An All-Sky Survey of Gamma-Ray Blazar Candidates
We describe a uniform all-sky survey of bright blazars, selected primarily by their flat radio spectra, that is designed to provide a large catalog of likely γ-ray active galactic nuclei (AGNs). TheExpand
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The Optical-Infrared Extinction Curve and its Variation in the Milky Way
The dust extinction curve is a critical component of many observational programs and an important diagnostic of the physics of the interstellar medium. Here we present new measurements of the dustExpand
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A Large Catalog of Accurate Distances to Molecular Clouds from PS1 Photometry
Distance measurements to molecular clouds are important but are often made separately for each cloud of interest, employing very different data and techniques. We present a large, homogeneous catalogExpand
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Photometric Calibration of the First 1.5 Years of the Pan-STARRS1 Survey
We present a precise photometric calibration of the first 1.5 years of science imaging from the PanSTARRS1 survey (PS1), an ongoing optical survey of the entire sky north of declination −30 ◦ in fiveExpand
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The Pan-STARRS 1 Photometric Reference Ladder, Release 12.01
As of 2012 January 21, the Pan-STARRS 1 3π Survey has observed the 3/4 of the sky visible from Hawaii with a minimum of 2 and mean of 7.6 observations in five filters, g P1, r P1, i P1, z P1, y P1.Expand
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