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Analysis of C-glycosyl flavonoids from South American Passiflora species by HPLC-DAD and HPLC-MS.
INTRODUCTION Leaves and fruits of Passiflora species are widely used around the world in popular medicine, mainly as sedatives and tranquilisers. C-glycosyl flavonoids are the main components ofExpand
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HPLC method to assay total saponins in Ilex paraguariensis aqueous extract
Ilex paraguariensis St. Hilaire is a South American tree from which leaves and twigs are used to prepare a commonly consumed tea in several South American countries. The plant is known as “erva-mate”Expand
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An HPLC-DAD method to quantification of main phenolic compounds from leaves of Cecropia Species
An efficient and reproducible HPLC-DAD method was developed and validated for the simultaneous quantification of major compounds (chlorogenic acid, isoorientin, orientin and isovitexin) present inExpand
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Isolation of steroidal sapogenins implicated in experimentally induced cholangiopathy of sheep grazing Brachiaria decumbens in Brazil.
As part of an experimental study, crystal-associated cholangiopathy was induced in 9 sheep by grazing pure pastures of Brachiaria decumbens in Brazil. One of these sheep showed characteristic lesionsExpand
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Experimentally Induced Cholangiohepatopathy by Dosing Sheep with Fractionated Extracts from Brachiaria Decumbens
Cholangiohepatopathy was induced in 5 lambs by oral administration of extracts from signal grass (Brachiaria decumbens) in Brazil. Grossly there were pale foci multifocally distributed throughout theExpand
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Evidence of anti-inflammatory effects of Passiflora edulis in an inflammation model.
UNLABELLED The popular medicine Passiflora edulis has been used as a sedative, tranquilizer, against cutaneous inflammatory diseases and intermittent fever. Most of the pharmacological investigationsExpand
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Potential insulin secretagogue effects of isovitexin and swertisin isolated from Wilbrandia ebracteata roots in non-diabetic rats.
The antihyperglycemic effect and mechanism of action of extracts, fractions and compounds from Wilbrandia ebracteata was studied. The crude extract reduced the glycemia, increased glycogen contentExpand
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Methylxanthines accumulation in Ilex species - caffeine and theobromine in erva-mate (Ilex paraguariensis) and other Ilex species
Ilex paraguariensis St.Hil. e uma especie de importância economica tendo em vista sua utilizacao na regiao meridional da America do Sul no preparo do chimarrao, uma bebida estimulante, preparada pelaExpand
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TLC Fingerprint of Flavonoids and Saponins from Passiflora Species
Abstract Several Passiflora species, known in Brazil as maracujás, are used as flavour and as juice in food industries, whereas passionflower extract has an ancient tradition in folk medicine as aExpand
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Pharmacological investigations on Achyrocline satureioides (LAM.) DC., Compositae.
Achyrocline satureioides (Lam.) DC. inflorescences have been used as remedies in folk medicine for the treatment of a variety of human ailments, particularly those of the gastrointestinal tract.Expand
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