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Toward a theory of organizational socialization
"To appear in: Barry Staw (ed.) Annual review of research in organizational behavior, vol. 1, New York: JIP Press, 1978."
Organisational culture and leadership
The article presents a review of the book “Organizational Culture and Leadership,” by Edgar H. Schein.
Career Dynamics: Matching Individual and Organizational Needs
Organizational Culture and Leadership: A Dynamic View
Presents a comprehensive analysis of organizational culture - what it is, how it develops, and how it functions in relation to managerial style and organizational effectiveness.
The Corporate Culture Survival Guide
Preface. The Author. PART ONE: THE STRUCTURE AND CONTENT OF CULTURE. Chapter One: Why Bother? Chapter Two: What Is Culture Anyway? Chapter Three: What Are the Elements and Dimensions ofExpand
Culture: The Missing Concept in Organization Studies.
? 1996 by Cornell University. 0001-8392/96/41 02-0229/$1 .00. Inattention to social systems in organizations has led researchers to underestimate the importance of culture-shared norms, values, andExpand
Three Cultures of Management: The Key to Organizational Learning
Why do so many organizations fail to learn? According to Schein, organizational learning failures may be caused, not by resistance to change, human nature, or poor leadership, but by the lack ofExpand
Career anchors revisited: Implications for career development in the 21st century
Organizations are undergoing a metamorphosis today. Whether one speaks of "downsizing," "rightsizing," "flattening," becoming a "learning organization," or simply of a "transformation" into somethingExpand
The role of founder in creating organizational culture
Explores what organizational culture is, how founders create and embed cultural elements into their firms, why first-generation companies develop distinctive cultures, and the implications presentExpand