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Structural correlates of cognitive domains in normal aging with diffusion tensor imaging
The involvement of brain structures in specific cognitive functions is not straightforward. In order to characterize the brain micro-structural correlates of cognitive domains, 52 healthy subjects,Expand
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Finding a randomly planted assigment in a random 3CNF
Flexible glycolic acid terpolymers useful in the preparation of hot-melt adhesives are prepared by heating glycolic acid, its esters, its homopolymers or mixtures thereof with a dihydroxyalkane and aExpand
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Structural correlates of memory performance with diffusion tensor imaging
Aging is associated with a variety of structural and pathological brain changes. Expand
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Diffusion MRI of Short-Term Spatial Memory Related Brain Plasticity
Introduction Neuroimaging studies of brain plasticity reveal significant volumetric changes via voxel-based morphometry of T1 weighted scans . The micro-structure correlates of these changes are notExpand
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P2-081: Brain localization of cognitive domains with diffusion MRI
We used diffusion-tensor imaging to quantify regional brain changes due to age-related cognitive decline in three cognitive domains: memory, verbal function and processing speed. Expand
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