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Metamictization of zircon: Raman spectroscopic study
Raman spectroscopy of radiation-damaged natural zircon samples shows increased line broadening and shifts of phonon frequencies with increasing radiation dose. Stretching and bending frequencies ofExpand
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Infrared and Raman spectra of ZrSiO4 experimentally shocked at high pressures
Abstract Zircon- and reidite-type ZrSiO4 produced by shock recovery experiments at different pressures have been studied using infrared (IR) and Raman spectroscopy. The ν3 vibration of the SiO4 groupExpand
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Statistical similarity between the compression of a porous material and earthquakes.
It has long been stated that there are profound analogies between fracture experiments and earthquakes; however, few works attempt a complete characterization of the parallels between these soExpand
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Dynamical excitation and anelastic relaxation of ferroelastic domain walls in LaAlO 3
The ferroelastic domain processes responsible for low-frequency anelasticity in ${\mathrm{LaAlO}}_{3}$ have been investigated using dynamical mechanical analysis in three-point bend geometry combinedExpand
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The degree and nature of radiation damage in zircon observed by 29Si nuclear magnetic resonance
A quantitative analysis of 29Si nuclear magnetic resonance spectra of radiation damaged, natural zircons showed that the local structure in crystalline and amorphous regions depend explicitly onExpand
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Structural states of Mg-cordierite I: Order parameters from synchrotron X-ray and NMR data
The hexagonal to orthorhombic phase transition in synthetic Mg-cordierite has been studied by (i) measuring the spontaneous strain associated with the transition using Synchrotron X-ray powderExpand
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The phase diagram calcite-aragonite as derived from the crystallographic properties
A general method to calculate phase diagrams from the fundamental crystallographic properties has been suggested, using the calcite-aragonite reaction as an example. This procedure requires theExpand
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Application of real-time, stroboscopic x-ray diffraction with dynamical mechanical analysis to characterize the motion of ferroelastic domain walls
The dynamic response of ferroelastic twins to an alternating stress has been studied in situ at high temperature using a stroboscopic x-ray diffractometer and combined dynamical mechanical analyzerExpand
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Structural phase transition in titanite, CaTiSiO5: A ramanspectroscopic study
The structural phase transition in titanite is correlated with a strong temperature dependence of Raman scattering cross sections and, to a somewhat lesser extent, with shifts of the phononExpand
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Amorphization in zircon: evidence for direct impact damage
X-ray diffraction has been used to characterize the amorphous phase present in a series of radiation-damaged natural zircons with radiation doses ranging from 0.06 to 16 × 1018 -decay events g-1 .Expand
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