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Culture and Imperialism.
The World, the Text, and the Critic
Introduction: Secular Criticism 1. The World, the Text, and the Critic 2. Swift's Tory Anarchy 3. Swift as Intellectual 4. Conrad: The Presentation of Narrative 5. On Repetition 6. On Originality 7.Expand
Representations of the Intellectual
As known, adventure and experience about lesson, entertainment, and knowledge can be gained by only reading a book. Even it is not directly done, you can know more about this life, about the world.Expand
Culture and Imperialism
From Jane Austen to Salman Rushdie, from Yeats to the media coverage of the Gulf War, this is an account of the roots of imperialism in European culture. While many historians and commentators haveExpand
Representations of the intellectual : the 1993 Reith lectures
In this series of essays, based on his 1993 Reith Lectures, Edward Said explores what it means to be an intellectual today. It is, he argues, the intellectual's role to represent a message or viewExpand
The Question of Palestine
From the distinguished author of Orientalism, The Question of Palestine is a powerfully moving account of one of the most hotly debated issues in the world today: the emergence of the modernExpand
Representing the Colonized: Anthropology's Interlocutors
  • E. Said
  • History
  • Critical Inquiry
  • 1 January 1989
agitated and somewhat turbulent field. It is now almost impossible, for example, to remember a time when people were not talking about a crisis in representation. And the more the crisis is analyzedExpand
Covering Islam: how the media and the experts determine how we
  • E. Said
  • Political Science, Geography
  • 1 October 1982
From the Iranian hostage crisis through the Gulf War and the World Trade Centre bombing, the West has been haunted by a spectre called 'Islam'. As portrayed by the news media - and by a chorus ofExpand
Humanism and Democratic Criticism
Humanism's SphereThe Changing Bases of Humanistic Study and PracticeThe Return to PhilologyIntroduction to Erich Auerbach's MimesisThe Public Role of Writers and Intellectuals
Orientalism Reconsidered
all, I shall be using the word "Orientalism" less to refer to my book than to the problems to which my book is related; moreover, I shall be dealing, as will be evident, with the intellectual andExpand