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World development report 2008 : agriculture for development
Agriculture is a vital development tool for achieving the Millennium Development Goal that calls for halving by 2015 the share of people suffering from extreme poverty and hunger. That is the overallExpand
Transactions Costs and Agricultural Household Supply Response
We develop and estimate a model of supply response when transactions costs create a situation where some producers buy, others sell, and others do not participate in markets. We present twoExpand
Peasant Household Behaviour with Missing Markets: Some Paradoxes Explained
A model of peasant household behavior, under varying degrees of household-specific food and labor market failures, is constructed to show that these structural features can explain several well knownExpand
The roles of destination, gender, and household composition in explaining remittances: an analysis for the Dominican Sierra
Two non-exclusive hypotheses about what motivates remittances sent by Dominican migrants to their rural parents in the Sierra are tested: (a) an insurance contract taken by parents with their migrantExpand
Can conditional cash transfer programs serve as safety nets in keeping children at school and from working when exposed to shocks
This brief summarizes the results of a gender impact evaluation study, Can Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT) programs serve as safety nets in keeping children at school and from working when exposed toExpand
Social Networks and the Decision to Insure
Using data from a randomized experiment in rural China, this paper studies the influence of social networks on weather insurance adoption and the mechanisms through which social networks operate. ToExpand
The Impact of Farmer Field Schools on Knowledge and Productivity: A Study of Potato Farmers in the Peruvian Andes
Using survey data from Peru, this article evaluates the impact of a pilot farmer‐field‐school (FFS) program on farmers’ knowledge of integrated pest management (IPM) practices related to potatoExpand
Income Strategies Among Rural Households in Mexico: The Role of Off-farm Activities
Abstract Off-farm activities generate on average more than half of farm households' incomes in the Mexican ejido sector. Participation in these activities helps reduce poverty and contributes toExpand
Quantitative development policy analysis
High quality policy design and informed policy debates require rigorous conceptualization and quantification of the economic implications of policy options. In recent years, the array of methodsExpand
Cash Transfer Programs with Income Multipliers: PROCAMPO in Mexico
Abstract Cash transfer programs create multiplier effects when recipients put the money they receive to work to generate further incomes. When this is the case, the ultimate income effects areExpand