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The Selective Photochemical Action of Polarised Light.--I. The Hydrolysis of Starch
In some experiments carried out during the summer of 1921, on the effect of different kinds of light on the growth of plants, it was found that plane-polarised light causes a marked acceleration inExpand
Hydrolysis of Starch Grains by Polarized Infra-Red Radiation
It was shown that polarized radiation had the effect of accelerating the change of starch grains, in a weak suspension of diastase and at ordinary laboratory temperature, into a crystalline reducing substance; but if the diast enzyme were active or concentrated, no selective effect was observed. Expand
Chemical Effects of Moonlight
THE article by Dr. C. F. C. Beeson in Nature of October 26, p. 572, is a welcome attempt to sort out the many conflicting references to a subject of much importance and of wide interest. NumerousExpand
Hydrolysis of Starch Grains by Light Polarised by Small Particles
DURING the last three winters I have been engaged in an experiment, which throws additional light on the work described in a former paper (Baly and Semmens, Proc. Roy. Soc. B, 97, 250), and as theExpand
Hydrolysis in the Living Plant by Polarized Light
The inference is evident, and is in full accord with the interesting observations upon the growth of seedlings by MACHT, that for rapid and healthy growth the plant requires the alternation of polarized and non-polarized light, such as is provided by nature on a bright summer day. Expand
Hydrolysis in Green Plants by Moonlight
IN view of the recent interesting discussion on ‘Lunar Periodicity in Organisms’, which has appeared in these columns,1 some very simple experiments, carried out in South Africa in the grounds ofExpand
Effect of Moonlight on the Germination of Seeds
The results seemed to indicate a greatly increased velocity of germination, and estimation with Fehling's solution of the sugar produced showed that there was an increased yield, caused by the moonlight. Expand
Bursting of Cell by Polarised Sunlight
AT a meeting of the Biochemical Society in November 1925, I read a paper on the “Hydrolysis of Starch in the Guard-Cells of the Leaf by Polarized Light”. This work has since been amplified andExpand
The interest taken by workers in America in the effects of radiation of all kinds and in particular of polarized light, together with the confirmation of the results, lead me to hope that some fuller account of these experiments may be acceptable, and it is hoped that the following added notes and photographs will show that the views put forward by critics are quite untenable. Expand
Selective Action of Polarised Light upon Starch Grains
IN a recent note (Annals of Botany, 39, 651, 1925) Prof. Neilson Jones has criticised our statement (Proc. Roy. Soc. 97 B, 250, 1924) that starch grains are selectively hydrolysed by polarised lightExpand