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Late Medieval Planetary Theory
THIS PAPER IS an attempt to describe and discuss models for representing planetary motion developed in the thirteenth century or shortly thereafter. A series of four articles which have appeared in
Al-Kāshī's Treatise on Astronomical Observational Instruments
T His paper is a minor contribution to the slowly accumulating corpus of materials on medieval observatory equipment. It presents the Persian text, translation, and commentary to a short treatise
Comets in Islamic Astronomy and Astrology
  • E. S. Kennedy
  • Physics
    Journal of Near Eastern Studies
  • 1 January 1957
HIS paper is a collection and analysis of all references in medieval Arabic sources to "tailed stars" (Arabic kawdkib mudhanniba, kawdkib dhawdt aladhnab) presently available to the author. His
The Spherical Case of the Tūsī Couple
In this article we study the development of the mathematical theorem, now known as the Tūsī Couple, and discuss the difference between its plane and spherical applications. Dans cet article, nous
The Planetary Theory of Ibn al-Shāṭir
A recent paper' has discussed the solar and lunar kinematic models described by the fourteenth-century Damascene astronomer known as Ibn al-Sht the planet is at the terminal point of the last. Thus