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Late Medieval Planetary Theory
THIS PAPER IS an attempt to describe and discuss models for representing planetary motion developed in the thirteenth century or shortly thereafter. A series of four articles which have appeared inExpand
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A Survey of Islamic Astronomical Tables
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Exponential Analogues of the Lambert Series
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The Planetary Theory of Ibn al-Shāṭir
A recent paper' has discussed the solar and lunar kinematic models described by the fourteenth-century Damascene astronomer known as Ibn al-Sht the planet is at the terminal point of the last. ThusExpand
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Astronomy and Astrology in the Medieval Islamic World
Contents: Preface Astronomy: Habash al-Hasib on the melon astrolabe Two topics from an astrological manuscript: Sindhind days and planetary latitudes Al-Sufi on the celestial globe AppliedExpand
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Studies in the Islamic exact sciences
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