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Some [u]-[ju] Variations in Texas
T HAS LONG BEEN RECOGNIZED that the diphthong [ju] (from the Middle English falling diphthong [iu]) shows a marked tendency toward monophthongization to [u] in words like tune, duke, and news. TheExpand
Early Texas Talk
For the DAE Supplement: The Vocabulary of 'Sam Slick in Texas'
T HE Dictionary of American English includes in its bibliography two books by 'Philip Paxton' (Samuel A. Hammett), A Stray Yank in Texas (N. Y., 1853) and The Wonderful Adventures of Captain PriestExpand
A workbook for English composition
A Study of Consonantal Dissimilation in English.
Ih© purpose of this work has not boon to make an exhaustive study of dlssimila tlon, but to make a re s trio tod Investigation of consonantal dissimilation in nolish* Because most ox the common wordsExpand
The South-Central