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Comparative Phylogeographic Analyses Illustrate the Complex Evolutionary History of Threatened Cloud Forests of Northern Mesoamerica
Comparative phylogeography can elucidate the influence of historical events on current patterns of biodiversity and can identify patterns of co-vicariance among unrelated taxa that span the sameExpand
Evolution of the bamboos (Bambusoideae; Poaceae): a full plastome phylogenomic analysis
BackgroundBambusoideae (Poaceae) comprise three distinct and well-supported lineages: tropical woody bamboos (Bambuseae), temperate woody bamboos (Arundinarieae) and herbaceous bamboos (Olyreae).Expand
Bamboo Taxonomy and Habitat
Bamboos (subfamily Bambusoideae) comprise one of 12 subfamilies within the grass family (Poaceae) and represent the only major grass lineage to diversify in forests. Bamboos are distinguished by theExpand
Phylogeography of Podocarpus matudae (Podocarpaceae): pre‐Quaternary relicts in northern Mesoamerican cloud forests
Aim  Cloud forests of northern Mesoamerica represent the northern and southern limit of the contact zone between species otherwise characteristic of North or South America. Several phylogeographicExpand
Influence of the geological history of the Trans‐Mexican Volcanic Belt on the diversification of Nolina parviflora (Asparagaceae: Nolinoideae)
Aim Our aims were to determine the pattern of genetic variation in the endemic shrub Nolina parviflora, and to evaluate the influence of the geological history of the Trans-Mexican Volcanic BeltExpand
Phylogenetics of Otatea Inferred from Morphology and Chloroplast DNA Sequence Data, and Recircumscription of Guaduinae (Poaceae: Bambusoideae)
Abstract Representative taxa of the five genera of Guaduinae, a subtribe of Neotropical woody bamboos, were sampled to investigate the phylogenetic relationships of the species of the genus OtateaExpand
Phylogeography of Liquidambar styraciflua (Altingiaceae) in Mesoamerica: survivors of a Neogene widespread temperate forest (or cloud forest) in North America?
We investigate the genetic variation between populations of the American sweetgum (Liquidambar styraciflua), a tree species with a disjunct distribution between northeastern Texas and Mexico, byExpand
Delimiting species boundaries within the Neotropical bamboo Otatea (Poaceae: Bambusoideae) using molecular, morphological and ecological data.
Species delimitation is a task that has engaged taxonomists for more than two centuries. Recently, it has been demonstrated that molecular data and ecological niche modeling are useful in speciesExpand
Biogeography and divergence time estimates of woody bamboos: insights in the evolution of Neotropical bamboos
The Neotropical woody bamboos are a monophyletic lineage with three subtribes in the Bambusoideae: Arthrostylidiinae, Chusqueinae and Guaduainae. The geographical distribution of these subtribesExpand