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Effect of long-term and short-term progestagen treatment on follicular development and pregnancy rate in cyclic ewes.
The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of the length of a progestagen treatment (12 d vs. 6 d) on follicular dynamics, estrus synchronization and pregnancy rate using medroxyprogesteroneExpand
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Ovarian dynamics, serum estradiol and progesterone concentrations during the interovulatory interval in goats.
Ovarian changes determined by daily transrectal ultrasonic scanning, and its correlation with serum progesterone (P4) and estradiol (E2) concentrations were studied in seven cyclic Saanen goats.Expand
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New treatments associated with timed artificial insemination in small ruminants.
Timed artificial insemination (TAI) is a very important tool in production systems, as it has a direct impact on cost-efficiency by reducing labour resulting from oestrus detection. However, to makeExpand
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The effect of subluteal levels of exogenous progesterone on follicular dynamics and endocrine patterns during early luteal phase of the ewe.
Nineteen Corriedale ewes were treated with an im dose of a PGF2alpha during the luteal phase to synchronize estrus. After ovulation had been detected by using ultrasonography (Day 0); the ewes wereExpand
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Short term primings with different progestogen intravaginal devices (MAP, FGA and CIDR) for eCG-estrous induction in anestrus ewes
Abstract Two experiments with 260 ewes compared the effectiveness of different progestogens and the amount of medroxyprogesterone acetate (MAP) contained in the intravaginal devices with short termExpand
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Re-use of intravaginal progesterone devices associated with the Short-term Protocol for timed artificial insemination in goats.
Because intravaginal devices impregnated with 0.3 g of progesterone (i.e., CIDR-G) contain remaining hormone after their use in a Short-term Protocol (5 to 7 d of treatment), the reuse of theseExpand
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Relation between progesterone concentrations during the early luteal phase and follicular dynamics in goats.
We studied the relationship between progesterone (P4) concentrations early in the estrus cycle and follicular dynamics in dairy goats. We used seven untreated goats (control group) and sixExpand
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Endocrine, luteal and follicular responses after the use of the short-term protocol to synchronize ovulation in goats.
The effect of the so-called Short-Term Protocol (5-day progesterone treatment+PGF(2)alpha) on ovarian activity and LH surge was studied in goats. The goats received 250IU eCG at the time of deviceExpand
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The pattern and manipulation of ovarian follicular growth in goats.
The understanding of the dynamics and regulation of follicle development in the goat has increased in recent years due to the use of ultrasonography. Previous findings observed in other ruminantsExpand
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Follicular recruitment and ovulatory response to FSH treatment initiated on day 0 or day 3 postovulation in goats.
The present study evaluates the effect of the presence of a large growing follicle at the onset of superovulatory treatment on follicular recruitment and ovulatory response in dairy goats. TheExpand
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