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Common variants in ABCA7, MS4A6A/MS4A4E, EPHA1, CD33 and CD2AP are associated with Alzheimer’s disease
Meta-analyses of all data provided compelling evidence that ABCA7 and the MS4A gene cluster are new Alzheimer's disease susceptibility loci and independent evidence for association for three loci reported by the ADGC, which, when combined, showed genome-wide significance. Expand
Erythropoietin Therapy for Acute Stroke Is Both Safe and Beneficial
Intravenous high-dose rhEPO is well tolerated in acute ischemic stroke and associated with an improvement in clinical outcome at 1 month, and analysis of covariance controlled for these two variables indicated thatrhEPO treatment was associated with a improvement in follow-up and outcome scales. Expand
Anhedonia and motivational deficits in rats: Impact of chronic social stress
The findings suggest that the rat chronic social stress model may be an appropriate model for depressive disorders, since anhedonia is one of the core symptoms of depression in humans. Expand
Early traumatic life events, parental attitudes, family history, and birth risk factors in patients with borderline personality disorder and healthy controls
The hypothesis that the etiology of BPD is multifactorial and that familial psychiatric disorders and sexual abuse are contributing factors is supported. Expand
Prevalence of cerebral amyloid pathology in persons without dementia: a meta-analysis.
Among persons without dementia, the prevalence of cerebral amyloid pathology as determined by positron emission tomography or cerebrospinal fluid findings was associated with age, apolipoprotein E [APOE] genotype, sex, and education, and presence of cognitive impairment. Expand
Comparison of aerobic exercise, clomipramine, and placebo in the treatment of panic disorder.
It is suggested that regular aerobic exercise alone, in comparison with placebo, is associated with significant clinical improvement in patients suffering from panic disorder, but that it is less effective than treatment with clomipramine. Expand
Early methylphenidate administration to young rats causes a persistent reduction in the density of striatal dopamine transporters.
This is the first empirical demonstration of long-lasting changes in the development of the central dopaminergic system caused by the administration of methylphenidate during early juvenile life. Expand
Common variants at ABCA 7 , MS 4 A 6 A / MS 4 A 4 E , EPHA 1 , CD 33 and CD 2 AP are associated with Alzheimer ’ s disease
We sought to identify new susceptibility loci for Alzheimer’s disease (AD) through a staged association study (GERAD+) and by testing suggestive loci reported by the Alzheimer’s Disease GeneticExpand
Assessing the efficacy of treatments for panic disorder and agoraphobia. I. Methodological problems
In this paper, commonly used anxiety scales are discussed with regard to their relevance in the assessment of PDA and it is shown that the five subscores of the scale contribute independently and almost equally to the prediction of Pda severity. Expand
Age-associated changes in the densities of presynaptic monoamine transporters in different regions of the rat brain from early juvenile life to late adulthood.
These findings provide the first comprehensive description of the normally occurring changes in the densities of all three presynaptically located monoamine transporters in the rat brain throughout the life span from weaning to late adulthood. Expand