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The Anatomy of French Production Hierarchies
We use a comprehensive dataset of French manufacturing firms to study their internal organization. We first divide the employees of each firm into 'layers' using occupational categories. Layers areExpand
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The Impact of Trade on Organization and Productivity
A firm's productivity depends on how production is organized given the level of demand for its product. To capture this mechanism, we develop a theory of an economy where firms with heterogeneousExpand
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Commuting, Migration and Local Employment Elasticities
Many changes in the economic environment are local, including policy changes and infrastructure investments. The effect of these changes depends crucially on the ability of factors to move inExpand
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The rise of offshoring: it's not wine for cloth anymore
In 1817, when David Ricardo penned his celebrated treatise on The Principles of Political Economy and Taxation, communication between England and Portugal was no faster and only slightly less costlyExpand
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We prove the existence of a symmetric equilibrium in a circular city in which businesses and housing can both be located anywhere in the city. In this equilibrium, firms balance the external benefitsExpand
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Organizations and Trade
We survey an emerging literature at the intersection of organizational economics and international trade. We argue that a proper modeling of the organizational aspects of production provides valuableExpand
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Establishment Size Dynamics in the Aggregate Economy
Why do growth and net exit rates of establishments decline with size? What determines the size distribution of establishments? This paper presents a theory of establishment dynamics thatExpand
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The Geography of Development
We develop a dynamic spatial growth theory with realistic geography. We characterize the model and its balanced-growth path and propose a methodology to analyze equilibria with different levels ofExpand
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Task Trade between Similar Countries
The authors propose a theory of task trade between countries that have similar relative factor endowments and technological capabilities but may differ in size. Firms produce differentiated goods byExpand
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On Spatial Dynamics
It has long been recognized that the forces that lead to the agglomeration of economic activity and to aggregate growth are similar. Unfortunately, few formal frameworks have been advanced to exploreExpand
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