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Factors associated with spousal physical violence in Albania: cross sectional study
In transitional Albania, the risk of spousal violence is high, and more empowered women are at greater risk, especially if they are more educated than their husbands.
Lifestyle Characteristics and Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease: A Population-Based Study in Albania
Smoking, physical inactivity, and obesity were strong “predictors” of GERD in this population of Albania, a Western Balkans' country which has experienced major behavioral changes in the past two decades.
Conventional risk factors and acute coronary syndrome during a period of socioeconomic transition: population-based case-control study in Tirana, Albania.
AIM To assess the association between conventional risk factors and acute coronary syndrome in Albania, a transitional country in Southeast Europe. METHODS A population-based case-control study was
May Measurement Month 2018: a pragmatic global screening campaign to raise awareness of blood pressure by the International Society of Hypertension
May Measurement Month expanded significantly compared with 2017, including more participants in more countries and aiming to include more participants and countries, and identified over 335 000 adults with untreated or inadequately treated hypertension.
Evaluation of Thrombocytopenia in Systemic Lupus Erythematosus and Correlation with Different Organs Damages
Thrombocytopenia is not directly associated with any disease activity, organ damage and mortality, but it should be considered as a prognostic factor which may help identifying a category of patients whose disease course can be aggravated.
Factors associated with fatal traffic accidents in Tirana, Albania: cross-sectional study.
Young age, high speed, and alcohol are predictors of fatal road traffic accidents in Tirana district, and these findings can serve as a basis for health care professionals and policymakers to create preventive measures for traffic accidents.
Socioeconomic and lifestyle determinants of obesity in a transitional southeast European population.
The findings indicate that overweight and obesity pose serious public health concerns in this post-communist country and health professionals and policy makers should focus particularly on the modifiable risk factors as an effective means of controlling the burden of obesity in Albania.
Patients' evaluation of primary health care services in Gjilan region, Kosovo.
Considerably fewer PHC users in Kosovo were satisfied with the overall medical encounter compared with their European counterparts, a new and useful evidence may support health professionals and policy makers for improving the quality of PHC in Kosovo.
Determinants of witnessed parental physical violence among university students in transitional Albania.
Father's socioeconomic disadvantage and mother's socioeconomic empowerment were each independently related to increased risk for witnessed father-to-mother physical violence among university students in this transitional patriarchal society in Albania.