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Viscounts in Virginia: A Proposal to Create American Noblemen (1619)
  • E. Rose
  • Political Science
  • 29 August 2020
abstract:In 1619, the Virginia Company of London considered a proposal to create a hereditary peerage in the colony. E. M. Rose provides a transcription of the proposal, found among the company'sExpand
The End of the gamble: the termination of the Virginia Lotteries in March 1621
The sudden cancellation of the Virginia lotteries during the first sitting of the parliament of 1621 was not part of a general parliamentary attack on monopolies but a calculated political actExpand
The "Bewitching Lotteries for Virginia," 1616–21: A List of Sites and Charitable Donations
abstract:From 1616 to 1621, the Virginia Company of London sponsored lotteries throughout England as a way to fund the Jamestown colony. For the privilege of holding a lottery, the company donated toExpand