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Deconstructing Interactivity in Educational Computing.
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The phenomenology of on‐screen reading: University students' lived experience of digitised text
As reading shifts from the page to the screen, research focuses primarily upon the nature and effects of hypertextual reading. However, many of the texts that university students read for academicExpand
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An examination of the concern for information privacy in the New Zealand regulatory context
  • E. Rose
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  • 1 April 2006
This study used confirmatory factor analysis on responses from a random sample of 459 New Zealanders to examine the theoretical basis of the concern for information privacy. Expand
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TOODM - A Temporal Object-Oriented Data Model with Temporal Constraints
A static Entity-Relationship (ER) or static Extended ER (EER) data model is not sufficient for representing the underlying time component of the data, more complex data types as found in planning, design and office automation applications or the operation required for this complex data. Expand
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"Is There a Class With This Content?" WebCT and the Limits of Individualization
This essay traces the provenance of Internet-based course delivery and management systems such as WebCT and Blackboard, and thereby seeks insight into the ideologies and assumptions underlying theExpand
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TOOSQL - A Temporal Object-Oriented Query Language
This paper proposes a temporal, object-oriented query language called TOOSQL which has an SQL-like syntax and compares it with other recent developments in the area. Expand
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TOOA: A Temporal Object-Oriented Algebra
In this paper, we present a temporal, object-oriented algebra which serves as a formal basis for the query language of a temporal data model and provides constructs to modify and manipulate the schema graph and its extension, the object graph. Expand
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Automated schema matching techniques: an exploratory study
An approach using an external dictionary facilitates automated discovery of the semantic meaning of database schema terms. Expand
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Meeting the Challenge: Innovative Feminist Pedagogies in Action
transformative pedagogy edutech wiki although there is no static definition of critical pedagogy as the term has undergone many transformations as educators have deployed new strategies to confront,Expand
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