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Comparison of Sumatra sheep and three hair sheep crossbreds. I. Growth, mortality and wool cover of F1 lambs
Sumatra ewes were mated to give Java Fat-tail crossbred (E1), Virgin Island crossbred (H1) and purebred Sumatra (S) lambs, or were inseminated to give Barbados Blackbelly crossbred (B1) lambs. AExpand
Peri-parturient rise in faecal strongyle egg counts of different genotypes of sheep in North Sumatra, Indonesia.
Faecal strongyle egg counts were monitored in peri-parturient ewes and dry ewes grazing in a rubber plantation in North Sumatra, Indonesia. A significant rise in faecal egg counts was observed duringExpand
Genetic resistance of different genotypes of sheep to natural infections with gastro-intestinal nematodes
L ) / ~ I l / / g 11 ?-I/L'OY ~ C ' V I O ~ , f i ~ / / \AFIYII L991 to D~ 'C~J I I IDCI 1993, 111 f l ~ ~ k i~11ll1 f 0 1 / 1 1171llbi11s f 7 ~ l 10d5 i7)1~1~1i711~/, ~ L Z P L O ~ 5arnplcijiorizExpand
Comparison of Sumatra sheep and three hair sheep crossbreds II. Reproductive performance of F1 ewes
A total of 196 young Sumatra (S) ewes and F1 crosses of S with Java Fat-tail (E1), Virgin Island (H1) and Barbados Blackbelly (B1) were mated with rams of their same breed type. The ewes were firstExpand
Comparison of resistance of four genotypes of rams to experimental infection with Haemonchus contortus.
Fifty-five rams aged about 18-24 months weighing 30-42 kg were used in this study. Ten rams of each of four genotypes, S (Sumatra), H1 (50% Sumatra-50% Virgin Island), B1 (50% Sumatra-50% BarbadosExpand
Local Beef Cattle Breeding Program in Indonesia
Indonesia has a number of cattle breeds that have certain advantages as meat-producing cattle with high adaptability to the local environment. Local beef cattle breeding has now been carried out byExpand