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Deformation pattern and strain hardening in a highly textured 8090 Al-Li alloy sheet
Abstract Structure-deformation pattern analysis was made on a highly textured 8090 Al–Li alloy sheet deformed in tension. It is shown that the sharp β-fiber type crystallographic texture induces aExpand
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Characterization of microstructural changes in an Al-6.8 wt.% Mg alloy by electrical resistivity measurements
Abstract Microstructural changes in an AlMg6.8 alloy after different thermo mechanical (TMT) and sensitization treatments were investigated by electrical resistivity measurements. The electricalExpand
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Microstructure evolution of a modified AA5083 aluminum alloy during a multistage homogenization treatment
Abstract The microstructure evolution of the industrially cast AA5083 modified aluminum alloy during the multistage homogenization treatment was investigated by means of optical, SEM and TEM imagingExpand
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The influence of tin and silver as microstructure modifiers on the corrosion rate of Pb–Ca alloys in sulfuric acid solutions
The effect of microstructure modifiers, Sn and Ag, on the corrosion rate of commercial Pb-Ca alloy in H 2 SO 4 electrolyte was investigated by the potentiodynamic polarization and by the weight lossExpand
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Stress corrosion cracking susceptibility of Al–Mg alloy sheet with high Mg content
Slow strain rate testing (SSRT) was used to study the effect of the microstructure on the stress corrosion cracking (SCC) susceptibility of Al– Mg alloy sheet containing 6.8 wt.% Mg. In theExpand
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Problems and prospect of Al-Mg alloys application in marine constructions
The position of steel as the most widely used material in the shipbuilding industry originates from the superior mechanical properties and low manufacturing costs The increasing demands for loweringExpand
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Characterization of dispersion strengthened copper with 3wt%Al2O3 by mechanical alloying
The copper matrix has been dispersion strengthened with 3wt.%Al2O3 by mechanical alloying. Commercial alumina powder with an average particle size of 0.75mm was used for alloying. The mechanicalExpand
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The effect of temperature on strain-rate sensitivity in high strength Al–Mg alloy sheet
Abstract Comprehensive experimental work performed to assess the temperature and strain-rate affected deformation behaviour of commercial AlMg6 type, 1.0 mm thick annealed sheet. Elevated temperatureExpand
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Influence of annealing temperature on the baking response and corrosion properties of an Al–4.6 wt% Mg alloy with 0.54 wt% Cu
Abstract The effect of different thermo-mechanical processing parameters on the baking response, and intergranular corrosion (IGC) resistance of an Al–4.6 wt% Mg–0.54 wt% Cu alloy was investigated.Expand
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Chemical Composition and Morphology of M7C3 Eutectic Carbide in High Chromium White Cast Iron Alloyed with Vanadium
The chemical composition and morphology of M7C3 eutectic carbides in 19 mass% Cr–2.8 mass% C white iron with up to 4.7 mass% V additions have been studied. Eutectic colonies are mainly composed of aExpand
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