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Density of Thin Films of Vacuum Evaporated Metals
IT is well known that the density of a material depends on its method of preparation and subsequent treatment. Values of the densities of bulk materials treated in various ways are given in referenceExpand
Pulse Radiolysis using a Constricted Air Spark Light Source
TRANSIENT absorption, spectra of various dilute aqueous solutions irradiated with a pulsed beam of electrons have been investigated in this Department. The spectroscopic light source used is shown inExpand
Adjustable golf club
The blade 106 of a golf club 102 is angularly adjustable about a pivot axis perpendicular to the shaft 104 to provide the various loft angles conventionally provided by a sequence ofExpand
Free and Double Counterpoint
Free and Double Counterpoint
The measurement of superficial density of thin self-supporting metal films by electron transmission
It is shown that the end point of the transmission-energy curve for electrons incident on thin films gives an acceptable measure of the film thickness. Apparatus is described by means of which thisExpand