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Bullying, depressive symptoms and suicidal thoughts
Bullies, victims and pupils neutral to bullyingwere compared on depressive symptoms and suicidal thoughts.The sample included 2,088 Norwegian boys and girls in grade 8. The results revealed that bothExpand
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Aggression, depression, and bullying others
A questionnaire survey of a representative sample of 2083 Norwegian pupils in Grade 8 revealed a positive and significant correlation between depressive symptoms and bullying others and a strongExpand
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Bullying in school: Three national innovations in Norwegian schools in 15 years
In Norwegian primary and secondary schools, approximately 5% of the pupils are bullied persistently, and about the same percentage of the pupils bully regularly. Three national programs to counteractExpand
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Classroom influences on bullying
The relationship between estimates of teachers' management of the class, the social structure of the class and bullying otherswas investigated by questionnaires answered by 2,002 pupils and 99Expand
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Aggression and bullying
Models are presented describing how bullying others and being bullied are related to proactive and reactive aggressiveness. This was investigated among 1801 pupils in Norwegian schools at the end ofExpand
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Bullying and Victimization Among Native and Immigrant Adolescents in Norway
This study compares levels of bullying others, victimization, and aggressiveness in native Norwegian and immigrant adolescents living in Norway and shows how bullying is related to proactive andExpand
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Professional Cultures in Schools With High and Low Rates of Bullying
Most research on bullying in schools has focussed on characteristics of bullies or victims, and their families. Relatively little has investigated the school's contribution to pupil bullying.Expand
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Bullying and affiliation: A study of peer groups in native and immigrant adolescents in Norway
This study (1) investigated the extent to which native Norwegian and immigrant girls and boys bully others and (2) examined peer groups to find out with whom pupils affiliate with when bullyingExpand
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The Zero programme against bullying: effects of the programme in the context of the Norwegian manifesto against bullying
The anti-bullying programme ‘Zero’ was implemented at 146 Norwegian primary schools. The outcome among pupils was evaluated after 12 months of the total 16-month period using an age-equivalentExpand
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School influences on bullying.
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