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The Arabs: A History
To American observers, the Arab world often seems little more than a distant battleground characterized by religious zealotry and political chaos. Years of tone-deaf US policies have left the regionExpand
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Outside in : on the margins of the modern Middle East
Non-conformism differs, of course, from culture to culture and across historical periods. This major survey of the marginal in the Middle East represents the first in-depth study of the phenomenon,Expand
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The Fall of the Ottomans: The Great War in the Middle East
List of Maps A Note on Nomenclature Preface 1. A Revolution and Three Wars, 1908-1913 2. The Peace Before the Great War 3. A Global Call to Arms 4. Opening Salvos: Basra, Aden, Egypt and the EasternExpand
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The war for Palestine : rewriting the history of 1948
Introduction 1. The Palestinians and 1948: the causes of failure Rashid Khalidi 2. Revisiting the Palestinian exodus of 1948 Benny Morris 3. The Druze and the birth of Israel Laila Parsons 4. IsraelExpand
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The War for Palestine: Rewriting the History of 1948
The 1948 War led to the creation of the state of Israel, the fragmentation of Palestine, and to a conflict which has raged across the intervening sixty years. The historical debate also continues,Expand
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Agriculture in Egypt from Pharaonic to modern times
From the Pharaohs to the United Arab Republic of the present day, Egypt's agriculture has been subject to very different forms of political power and organization. The papers in this volume draw onExpand
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Frontiers of the State in the Late Ottoman Empire: Transjordan, 1850-1921
Introduction 1. The Transjordan frontier in 1850 2. Ottomans: establishing a permanent presence in Transjordan 3. Settlement: colonization, the application of the 1858 land law, and their fiscalExpand
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